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Spectators in the Gym for League Games

 In trying to accommodate the best interests of all students at PBHS, we have revisited the policy of spectators at indoor events after two surrounding school divisions recently changed their practice.  Palliser has and continues to run a bit differently in that they have delegated this decision making process to its member schools so, to be clear, this is a Picture Butte High School decision to set and revisit our own policy (but is bound by some restrictions from Palliser School Division).  Thank you to everyone that completed the survey to help guide us in our decision.


         PBHS will be adopting its new practice based on other jurisdictions making changes along with the health advice from Alberta Health Services.  Since Alberta Health Services is contradictory, We should be clear that this is based on guidelines for schools NOT on recommendations for youth sports.  Please also know that our new policy continues to be based in an attempt to do what is best for all kids.  Our new policy for spectators at games is now:

  • 2 spectators per participant will be permitted into events where less than 30 participants are present (eg. league volleyball game)

  • Masks must be worn while in the school

  • Social distancing must be practiced (minimum 6´ distance)

  • For sporting events

    • Visitors will take the south bleachers, home will take the north bleachers

    • If space becomes an issue, chairs will be placed by the event supervisor

  • Proof of vaccination status (or recent negative test) will be required IF Palliser School Division endorses such action in the future.

  • Events with more than 30 participants (eg. tournaments) will continue to be closed to spectators but this stance will be revisited regularly

  • If the Alberta Government or Palliser School Division enact other procedures or policies that necessitate a change, PBHS will modify these rules to fit


         We recognize that these are frustrating and divisive times but I cannot stress enough the need for all of us to come together for the sake of our children.  We understand that some of our decisions and actions are hard to accept, but these are tough times and they are even crazier with the ever changing rules and announcements from the government.  We continue to promise, at the school, to try and do our best to give students as normal an experience as possible within an abnormal world.  Thank you for your understanding and we hope for your support.

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