Staff Directory


Photo of Mark Lowe

Mr. Mark Lowe


Administrative Assistant

Photo of Deanna Williams

Ms. Deanna Williams

Main Office


Photo of Casey Scheidegger

Ms. Casey Scheidegger

Jr/Sr High Athletic Director


Photo of Brian Bergsma

Mr. Brian Bergsma

Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Math, Construction, Mechanics

Photo of Virginia Bergsma

Mrs. Virginia Bergsma

Jr Social, Jr Math, Jr. Health

Photo of Gordon Bramfield

Mr. Gordon Bramfield

Jr/Sr Math, Robotics

Photo of Justin Clark

Justin Clark

Jr/Sr English, Media

Photo of Jackie Joyal

Ms. Jackie Joyal

Learning Support Services

Photo of Mollie Kennedy

Ms. Mollie Kennedy

Student Teacher (Phys. Ed)

Photo of Mark Lowe

Mr. Mark Lowe

Biology 30, Media, Jr. Health

Photo of Drew O'Brien

Mrs. Drew O'Brien

Student Teacher (English)

Photo of Mark Ogle

Mr. Mark Ogle

Jr/Sr Social, Foods

Photo of Casey Scheidegger

Mrs. Casey Scheidegger

Phys. Ed, Jr Social, Jr LA

Photo of Jeremy Thompson

Mr. Jeremy Thompson

Jr Science, Jr/Sr Math, Physics, Media

Photo of Greg Thompson

Mr. Greg Thompson

Jr/Sr Math, Jr/Sr Science, Options

Photo of Meike Wege

Ms. Meike Wege

Student Teacher (Math/Chem)

Support Staff

Photo of Shaylyn Archibald

Mrs. Shaylyn Archibald

Head Caretaker

Photo of Jody Bezooyen

Mrs. Jody Bezooyen

Educational Assistant

Photo of Sandra Fellger

Mrs. Sandra Fellger

Educational Assistant

Photo of Adam Griffiths

Mr. Adam Griffiths


Photo of Joanna Johnson

Mrs. Joanna Johnson

Educational Assistant

Photo of Annmarie Joseph

Mrs. Annmarie Joseph

Educational Assistant

Photo of Lori McAleese

Mrs. Lori McAleese

Educational Assistant

Photo of Ricky Nielsen

Mrs. Ricky Nielsen

Education Assistant

Photo of Chantelle Rauda

Ms. Chantelle Rauda

Family School Liason Counsellor

Photo of Candace Reurink

Mrs. Candace Reurink

Educational Assistant