Notice Board

Check out the Jr or Sr High Information for league and tournament schedules. Watch the calendars for updates on any changes to the schedules. 

Upcoming Events

This is a busy week for PBHS! 

  • Monday, September 26- Practices: Mini queens 3:30-5, JV Queens 5-7 and SV Queens 7-9 
  • Tuesday, September 27- Mini Kings practice 3:45-5 AT DDS, JV/SV Kings practice 3:30-5, JV/SV Queens host St. Mike's 6:00pm start 
  • Wednesday, September 28- Mini Kings @ St. Catherine's 4pm start; Mini Queens host St. Catherine's- 3:30 start, JV/SV Kings host Matthew Halton- 6pm start 
  • Thursday, September 29 - Practices: JV queens 3:30-5, JV/SV boys 5-7 and SV Queens 7-9 

No School Friday! 

  • Saturday, October 1- SV Mini-Queens at Matthew Halton High School for a one day tournament.