Junior High Spectator Protocols- Basketball

PBHS - 2 spectators per athlete. Spectators must stay masked and be socially distanced. Bleachers are marked home and guest and have tape where spectators can sit in their groups of 2 and be distanced. 

RI Baker - RI Baker is allowing 2 spectators.  We will need your roster so we can check spectators off on a list when they arrive.  Spectators can only watch the game their child is playing in, they may not stay for other teams games

Coalhurst - We are going to run a pre registration system, where school's send us their list of parents/drivers, etc that will be attending, and those are the only people that will be welcome into the school/gym. Spectators will still be required to wear a mask and are encouraged to socially distance.

St. Joseph’s - Our rules around spectators is 2 per student athlete and they need to show proof of vaccination or negative test results at the door. Technically, your coaching staff would need to be the same but I will assume that your coaches have been cleared on your end and won't be asking them for proof of vaccinations

St. Catherine’s - We will be allowing one spectator per athlete and that spectator must provide proof of vaccination or a negative test (until the province changes those requirements in which case it will only be proof of vaccination).  Should an athlete not have a spectator, that seat can be transferred to another if you have a roster of 12 you will be allowed to have 12 spectators.  Our admin team will be screening at the door and will have a roster to check names off

County Central - County Central will be trying the 30% government rule, distancing and masks etc.

Providence Christian - spectators will be permitted at all of our games. We will require spectators to be masked and there will be separate bleachers for home and away teams.

St. Mary’s - St. Mary’s is permitting 2 adults per rostered player. All coaches and spectators must provide evidence of vaccination or PCR testing (within the last 72 hours) at the door. Spectators are required to be masked and distanced within the gym. All players must wear a mask while on the bench. Currently, there are no spectators permitted for tournament play. 

Coaldale Christian - No passports or tests are required at  our school events. Just require people to be masked and distanced. 

Nobleford - No passports or testing required. 2 spectators from one household are allowed to represent one athlete. An athlete list must be submitted the day before coming to the school. Masking and social distancing are required. 

Senior High Spectator Protocols- Basketball

Our senior high boys and girls basketball teams play in the Deep South Basketball League. All information regarding spectator protocols can be found on the Deep South Basketball League website