Preparing for High School

Grade 10 Orientation - Information for New Students Entering High School

So exciting!  You are in the homestretch of your secondary education.  The last quarter of the 12 years you will spend in regular school.  WOW!

These are an important three years.  The courses you take and the grades you achieve will determine which road you will take on the next leg of your life journey.  Make good choices now and you will have many opportunities waiting for you!!

Below is a link to a slide show summary of all of the things you will need to know before and during your three years of high school. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your high school plan, please don't hesitate to call at the school (403) 732-4404.

Intro to High School - Grade 10 Orientation 

In high school, students also have the opportunity for different "Off Campus" learning experiences.  Explanations of each of these are listed below:

  • Green Certificate - this is an agriculture based program for students who live or work on farms or farm operations.  Students will earn 17 credits toward their Alberta High School Diploma!
    • Click HERE for a great overview of what the Green Certificate entails.
    • Click HERE to go to the Green Certificate program website.
  • Work Experience - this is for students who are already working (paid or volunteer) and wish to gain high school credits for time they are already spending at a job.  Students can earn up to 15 credits toward their Alberta High School Diploma
    • To learn about the Work Experience program (facilitated through Palliser Beyond Borders) and to Pre-Register, click HERE
  • RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program) - The The RAP program is an Alberta Education initiative allowing students to begin their apprenticeship training in any of over 50 apprenticeable trades while  still in high school. RAP students earn a fair wage, up to 40 high school credits and hours toward their chosen apprenticeship.
    • Click HERE to go to the Careers: Next Generation website to find out more about the RAP program!