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Grad 2020 Celebration - Pics & Video!

We just can’t wait to share our excitement of Saturday’s event! 

As mentioned last week, the staff of PBHS organized a Grad Recognition Event that took place May 23.  The best words I can use to describe the event are cathartic, joyful and grateful..  Cathartic because it has been almost two months since we have seen a class and it was long overdue for us to interact with our students.  Joyful because everyone was just so happy to be able to put the class together and have a group celebration of their success.  Grateful because all students, parents and staff were just so thankful for this opportunity and this event allowed all to show their appreciation for each other.  For those interested, Global News covered the event last night and will be putting together a news piece that will air Monday night on Global News local for sure and may possibly make it onto the Provincial broadcast.

         In other news, we are heading into the final week of May so buckle up as we finish our push to the end of the year.  Teachers are reporting high levels of engagement so I want to thank our parents for helping make the best out of this situation.

          As always, stay safe, stay positive, and stay on course.  We are almost there to the end of this school year. 

All the best everyone,

Mr. Lowe


To watch the Grad Video  CLICK HERE

Global News Coverage CLICK HERE

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