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Updated Information Regarding Return to Classes - Jan 10

We hope you are all well and that there is good energy for all students to return to school.  We have been busy preparing for this and feel like we have a very good setup for learning.  

Stay home if symptomatic. 

If any one rule/request can be followed, it is this one.  This protocol is likely our biggest and best chance to keep everyone healthy and the school running.  Please don’t chance bringing sickness into the school.  We all win if we stay healthy.  I have included a government document at the end of this email. 

Masking Protocol will continue in its present form. 

Masking is required in all common spaces, hallways, and times when social distancing is not possible.  No extra masking measures are required at this time.  We have received extra masks from the government if anyone happens to be running short.  We do also ask that all students wear their mask properly.  An improperly worn mask is little more than a face decoration and most would agree that is a poor fashion choice.  :)

Social distancing. 

Overall, our students have been very good at this in school.  Students have kept good distance from each other and have been good to follow all rules.  We would say that lunch hours and out of school time is different.  Watching students leave the school is sometimes the tale of two cities.  We would like to remind you that the need to social distance goes beyond school bell times.

Online Learning System remains in effect. 

Since students should not be coming to school if symptomatic in any way, we are offering access to every core class online.  While it is not as good as physically being in the class, it will allow students to stay up to speed.

Exam Week.  

We have changed the end date of classes slightly to allow our teachers to finish their courses.  We have kept the exam week mostly the same.  Please look at the website to see the revised schedule.


Sports & Extra Curricular. 

Our biggest change right now coming back is with regards to extra curricular activities.  We are still being allowed to practice basketball and curling right now, but we will not be running games this week.  Most Divsions, in the south, are not allowing for games this week, including Palliser.  This will allow us time to make sure it is safe and prudent to have schools mixing through extra curricular sport.

Rapid Test Kits.  

We have received rapid testing kits from the government.  These have been given to schools to give to families that request them and have been having trouble acquiring them.  We will not be using the tests at the school.  They have been given to us to give to you.  If you want to know how to use them, please click on this link for an informational video.

Possible shift to at home learning. 

If we cannot keep sickness out of the school, we do have the obligation to shift affected classes to temporary online learning.


Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding this information.

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