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IMPORTANT - Grad 2021 Dates Changed

Congratulations to all of our Grade 12 students as we move toward Graduation 2021!  Over the past few weeks, many have been clearing off the final requirements for graduation and we want to applaud all of you for your efforts. 

We want to inform you of the results of the survey that gave a choice of keeping Grad date the same or moving it to June 29.  At this time, we can tell you there was near 100% support for moving the date to June 29.  As a result, we are OFFICIALLY moving grad from May 29 to June 29.

As stated previously, we are going to do our utmost to give these students the graduation that they have worked so hard for over the past 12 years.  We hope that moving Graduation will result in a more normal graduation ceremony.  It is important to note that this is not a guarantee.  We may end up with the same restrictions on June 29 but at least there is a chance.  Further, we do not have an exact plan yet as we do not know the rules that we will be under on this new date.  PBHS staff and committee will offer the best ceremony that the rules will allow.  We want to thank you for your support and understanding as we begin the planning process for this new date.  Obviously, more information will follow but we wanted to let you know of this change as soon as possible.  Thank you everyone and stay safe!

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