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January Information - Classes, Exams, Semester Change

We hope the holiday break was rejuvenating for all of you and filled with some good quality family time.  We are happy to be back in the swing of things and have been fielding several questions about how January will unfold.  To be honest, we are not entirely sure.  The following plan is our best guess at how this month will work and unfold for the students at PBHS.


January 4-8 - online learning

        Online classes for all.


January 11-15 - all students in school

       The Education Minister announced January 4, somewhat quietly, that students will be returning to school as per the original plan.  We will be reverting back to the original term 1 schedule so that we can get our students back into the options (jr and sr high) for the remaining time students are in classes (Sr high end classes on January 15, Jr high remain in classes until January 22).  This translates into one week with sr high options and two weeks with jr high options.  

This week will also see almost all of the sr high classes completing in-class final assessments. 

IMPORTANT - Teachers will be talking with their classes directly to let them know how and when these assessments will occur. 


January 18-22 - ASSESSMENT week 

Grades 10-12

     We are modifying our assessment practices to be respectful of Covid protocols, regulations, and mental health. There will be no Diploma exams this semester unless a student has made prior communication with administration to exercise their option to write them.

Most final assessments will be completed by this time on a class-by-class basis.  This week is specifically designed for students to complete and submit any outstanding work or assessments that are required of them.  The Grade 10 class will be writing two exams (Math and Social) as shown below.  Any sr high students who have outstanding work will be expected to be in class and complete missing assignments it at this time.                                    

January 18                       - Social 10-1 (Clark)

January 20                       - Math 10C (Bramfield)


Grades 7-9

    Regular Jr High classes will continue during this week as with core classes going until June and option classes getting completed before the new semester. There will be no mid-term exams for junior high students in January.


January 25-29 - IMPORTANT DATES

January 25 - PD day (no students 7-12)

January 26 - Jr. High begins Term 2 schedule

January 28 - Sr. High begins Term 2 schedule


          Thank you, yet again, for your support as we make these plans.  We hope we have been accurate in predicting how the Alberta Government will be managing this situation as well.  If there are changes, we will be communicating those to you.  Thank you and stay safe everyone,



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