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March 20, School Closure Update

Good morning everyone,

  As promised, things change quickly.  We have good news for Grade 12 students.  Students are still responsible for completing their Grade 12 core courses, but all remaining Diploma exams have been canceled.  In addition, Alberta Principals have the ability to award up to 15 credits for CTS courses and work experience for any students that become unable to complete any of those courses.  We will go through each Grade 12 student this weekend to assess their graduation status. Overall, this is good news and should help to reduce stress of our Grade 12 students.

The other main announcement that I have today is that a few of our parents have indicated that they are having trouble joining the Google classrooms.  We are working with parents on this. I should note that in order to join one of these classrooms, all you need to do is accept the invitation that the teacher has sent.  If you try to access the classroom with a code, this is to actually enrol as a student. Therefore, unless you wish to be graded by the teacher, we request that parents do not attempt to join the course through use of a code.  :)

            If more information comes in, I will send out one more update.  Thanks everyone and have a great weekend.  


Ps. Here is the link to the government announcement.




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