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PBHS 2021 Covid Re-Entry Plan

Pandemic precautions are now somewhat lifting and the Alberta Government has eased some of their restrictions. The following document is the formal plan that PBHS will be following to keep our students safe while, at the same time, allowing as normal aschool year as possible.

The system employed last year at PBHS was very successful in preventing
illness in the school. As a result, PBHS will be enacting the same protocols with a just
few notable changes.

The summary of these changes are:

● No mandatory masking in school
● Resumption of extracurricular activities
● Resumption of the school canteen
● Slight modification of PBHS online learning
● Start time of 8:28am for school

Please view 2021-2022 Covid Re-entry Plan for important information regarding safe practices, lunch operations, extra curricular (sports) and other specific details

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