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Principal Update - Sept 25 - Friday School Survey

Good day everyone,

         I just wanted to pass on an update with regards to our Friday discussions.  Here is where things sit.  Our students are happy with the Friday arrangement.  They like the flexibility, the freedom, and the usefulness.  Today, for example, we had 38 students (almost 25% of our population) take advantage of our Friday school option today to either get caught up or improve their understanding of material being taught.  We have had 15 parents get back to us and there is 100% support of the Friday setup so far.  Our staff are extremely appreciative of the ability to work one on one with students but are concerned about keeping the proper pace to complete courses on time.  When you put all these perspectives together, it appears that there is good overall support, usage, and rationale for continuing this setup into October.  As such, we are going to continue this practice for October.  To be clear, the school is open to all of our students on Fridays and buses are running.  The only differences are that we are not taking attendance and we are not moving forward with instruction.

           The Terry Fox run went over very well.  All students took part and we raised almost $100 that will be sent on to the foundation for cancer research.  Thank you to everyone for your support.  Overall, we hope everyone has a great weekend and we look forward to getting everyone back on Monday.


Mr. Lowe

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