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Schedules, Timelines, and Other Important Information for September 2020

With the School year quickly approaching, here is pertinent information to help you with access to PBHS. Please send us an email if you have any questions not answered here:

     1)  All families should have recieved a survey (via email) in the past 24 hours inquiring about instructional options for students attending PBHS. If you did not recieve a communication, please contact so that we understand your intentions.

     2)  We will be staggering the entry days. Once a grade starts their first day at school, they will continue to come to school daily until further notice.  The startup days will be:

  • September 2 - Grade 12
  • September 3 - Grade 11
  • September 4 - Grade 10
  • September 8 - Grade 9
  • September 9 - Grade 8
  • September 10 - Grade 7

     3)  Please Click Here for the student timetable for semester 1. Please see our CoVid Plan below regarding Friday instruction for the month of September =Non-Instructional

The school day will still see a total of six periods per day with a lunch break between the third and fourth period.  The primary changes will be a later start time of 8:40, and an earlier end time of 3:20 and a shorter lunch break. 20/21 Bell times

Here is a view of the  2020 Term 1 - Student Timetable  for all grades including options.

Another change will see the bus kids arriving first between 8:20-8:30 followed by town students arriving separately at 8:35.  Similarly, bus kids will leave at 3:20 followed by town kids at 3:25. 

     4)  Please Click Here for the PBHS School Supply List.

     5)  20/21 School calendar

     6)  Please Click Here for the Division CoVid Plan.

     7)  Please  Click Here for PBHS Covid Plan for more specific information.

     8)  Palliser Regional Schools has prepared a document that summarizes what online learning will  look like this year and tried to be as succinct as possible to help parents make an informed choice:         

Gr. 1-9 Palliser Online Learning Support Plan

Gr. 10-12 Palliser Online Learning Support Plan


Please note that both re-entry plans are fluid and subject to change based on new information.



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