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School Update - The Final Push!

Hello everyone,

           I want to start by thanking all of you for being so great to PBHS as we tried to manage our way through this CoVid reality.  You have been great in working with us to make the best of this very difficult situation.  We are now very close to being done.  Teachers are now at the point where no new work is being assigned and students now have the time to catch up on all missing work.  Once this work is done and handed in, students are free to enjoy their well deserved summer break.  The light at the end of this tunnel is near!

        Officially, we can accept submitted work until June 23.  Teachers will then prepare final report cards that will go out before June 26.  We are so grateful for your support in this time and you have made this situation much easier to manage.  So far, it also looks encouraging for a return to school in the fall and we are planning for that. Registration for next year's courses (Grades 10-12) is now open.

        Present Grade 10 & 11 students should have no problem filling out this form, but, If you would like assistance, please call the school at any time and we can walk you through this form.

Registration form:  click here

         Overall, we have less than two weeks remaining and we are happy to say we have made this situation work as best as could be reasonably hoped for.  Cross your fingers for a full return in the fall and we appreciate all you have done to help us help you in educating your child.  All the best everyone,

Mr. Lowe

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