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Update for School Closure - Monday, March 23

We hope everyone is doing okay and is settling into our new normal and that you had a chance to enjoy your weekend. Here is your update heading into this week.

Mr. Lowe spent the weekend developing Graduation plans for all of our Grade 12’s.  We will be communicating with all families/students of Grade 12 to discuss these specific plans.  We will also be phoning home to ALL PARENTS to see how everyone is doing and to clean up any problem areas or issues.  We are hopeful that things are going well for all of our families. Finally, teachers will be pushing out more lessons and marking/assessing material that has come back in.  It is our plan to move as quickly as possible right now to finish the remaining curriculum just in case school is not able to finish as scheduled in the end of June.

We are sure many of you are wondering how the year will finish.  Frankly, so are we. There are many possible scenarios being bantered around, but we can guarantee you that no student will be disadvantaged through this challenging time.  We are doing everything in our power to make this transition as easy and seamless as possible. There is definite movement by the both the Provincial and Federal governments to increase social isolation standards and compliance.  I believe it is highly likely that school staff will not be working from school much longer. Guidelines were put into place today to allow some staff to start working off site if required.  

     We would also personally ask all of our families to pay full attention to social isolation standards.  I know this is not an easy or simple request. By nature, we are social beings. I know our students want to meet up in the absence of being able to see each other at school.  If at all possible, we earnestly ask you to resist that urge. If we do not all do our part in this time, loved ones will be affected and may pay the ultimate price due to a lack of commitment to the attempt to self isolate.  

More updates will follow, but we look forward to connecting with you by phone tomorrow as we head into this week of learning.

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