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Update for School Closure - Monday, May 18

Hello everyone,

         I apologize for sending out an announcement during the long weekend, but I would like to share some important information with you.  While there is a somewhat more open approach to the economy and life over the past week, the restrictions for our school system remain the same.  We hope all of you are doing well and staying safe  through this partial reopening period.  

          We do have four important updates for you.  First, we want to continue to encourage all of our students to keep their pace and spirits up.  As spring is quickly turning into summer, we do not have much time left and are doing our best to work through the remaining curriculum in the best way that we have available to us.  Please stick with us and we will get you through.

         Second, we would like to share a good news announcement concerning our Grade 12 class.  The staff of PBHS is inviting all Grade 12 graduates (and their most immediate family) to a celebration of their accomplishments this coming Saturday (May 23) in the evening.  We have chosen this day as it was their original date of graduation.  While we will not be able to have the full ceremonies, we want to let them know we are still thinking of them and are proud of the graduation that they have all earned!

         Third, we are sad to announce that Mr. VanDeGriend (our PE teacher and Senior High Athletic Director)  has accepted a position in Lethbridge School Division starting this fall.  His contribution to staff and student culture has been tremendous and he will be sorely missed by our school.  After putting in more than 10 years at PBHS, it is obvious that his departure will be greatly felt, but we wish him all the best as he moves on to the next chapter of his professional career.

         Fourth, I would like to let our 2020/2021 returning students know that course registrations and planning will be taking place in the last week of May and first week of June.  We are preparing for several scenarios of how school might look, but please rest assured that everyone will be well taken care of.  As a small school, we are well placed to meet any changes that the fall may bring and we are committed to offering the best education possible in an environment that is safe and caring to all.  

          Thank you everyone and I hope you are having a wonderful long weekend.

Mr. Lowe

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