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Update for School Closure - Tuesday, March 24

Yesterday was a hectic school day but we were happy to connect with our families by phone.  We weren’t quite able to make it to every family but we do hope to finish this process tomorrow.  We are hearing that there is general satisfaction in our delivery methods so far. Over the next few days, we will be trying something extra with our Grade 8 and 9 classes.  Mr. Bramfield and Mr. VanDeGriend will be trying a few video conference lessons for our students to partake in. We are eager to see the results of this.

We are also going to streamline our communication a bit.  We recognize that sometimes there can be too much communication if we aren’t purposeful and efficient with what we send out.  Please bear with us while we sort this out.

Finally, we do want to give an update to our parents that are trying to join Google Classroom as parents.  Originally, we thought this was going to give our parents access to the same things that our students get access to.  Unfortunately, this is not the case. We are now trying to figure out a better method to keep our parents up to speed and hope to have something operational by the end of this week.  Please stay tuned for announcements in this regard.

In the spirit of more streamlined communication, the next update from me will likely come out on Wednesday.  Thank you for your support everyone. Our staff very much appreciates it.

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