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May Canteen Menu now Available

Hard to believe that we are moving towards May and only 11 weeks of school until exams!


Orders are now available until April 23 and you can order on SchoolCash.

Wednesday, May 1 - Sub day (choice of pizza, ham or turkey), Chips and juice box

Monday, May 6 - Hot Dogs (x2), Popcorn/Chips, Juice Box

Wednesday, May 8 - Cheeseburgers, Hashbrown Patties, Juice box

Monday, May 13 - Pancakes, Eggs, Fruit cups, juice box

Wednesday, March 15 - Chicken Burgers, vege bag, juice box

Wednesday, May 22 - Pizza (choice of pepperoni, hawaiian, pepperoni), 2 cookies, juice box

Monday, May 27 - Chicken Caesar salad, cheese bun, juice box

Wednesday, May 29 - Spaghetti, meat sauce, garlic toast, juice box

All meals are $7.00 please and thank you!!

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