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June Exam Schedule

Our staff is busily preparing all of our students for their final exams and we wish all students the best of success in the coming exam period. Please take the time to review the exam schedule by clicking on the link below:

June Exam Schedule 2022

There will be a study hall for times that our junior high students that are not in exams. A form was emailed to all parents that you can give permission to excuse your child from the study hall after exams. Please also find below information on our exam procedures and rules.

Exam Rules
- Students are required to stay in the exam room for a minimum of 2 hours.
- Students will have a maximum of 3 hours to finish their exam unless they have
provision for extra time (+ 3 extra hours).
- On Tuesday, June 21 (National Aboriginal Day) students are not required to attend school. However, A study hall is provided if you wish.

NOTE: Important Dates

June 8 - Grade 7/8 Field Trip
June 15 - Regular Classes end for junior and senior high students
June 21 - Grade 9 field trip
June 28 - Academic & Athletic Awards night

NOTE: After exams, students will work with their teachers to prepare for their next exam. If you wish to sign your student out of study hall, please indicate that intention in the form below.

Good luck everyone

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